Hi everyone! Check out my new EP Comes from Within. This is an exciting project that I have been working on for some time and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

This EP was inspired by the series of things I hold close to my heart – a deep love for life, my family, music, and even the longing I have for pursuing this dream of mine. It’s why I’ve titled the record, Comes from Within. These songs do truly come from within my heart – and I hope they spur something within yours too.

You’ll notice a nice mix of slower ballads and upbeat tracks. This mixture reflects who I am as a person – someone with a serious and sensitive side, but also a girl who likes to have fun and celebrate life. I think we all have these different sides that make us unique, so I hope there is something on this EP that you can grab onto and connect with!

So, the time has finally come to share this piece of me with you. I’ve grown a ton both musically and personally through this experience. It’s truly been a dream come true.

So sit back, jam out with your friends, and enjoy my new EP, Comes from Within.